Welcome to – Where you can sell your goods to get Bitcoin! was created so users could sell their items to other users for Bitcoin.

This page was created to make it easier to learn how to use

If you are brand new to Bitcoin, you will need to get a wallet before signing up. To get a Bitcoin Wallet, we suggest sites like or Airbitz for mobile users.



To register you must agree to the Terms of Services, and you will need a Bitcoin wallet address. If you want to accept Litecoin or Dogecoin as payments for your auctions, you will need to insert your address for those wallets too. You can change your Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin address in the account settings page.


Listing an Auction:

Selling an item on the site is easy. Once you are signed into your account, click on the tab named “Add Listing”. This will take you to the page that will allow you to list a new auction.

There are two types of auctions to select from, a “Normal Auction”, or a “Classified Auction”.

The differences are:

“Normal Auction” has a classic bidding style auction and includes a buy it now feature. Users can bid, or buy it now.

“Classified Auction” only has a buy it now feature. Users can’t bid on the item, they can only buy it now.

Give your auction a good title, and insert a very clear description and include at least one image of what you are selling using our image tool located below the description area.

Always include a shipping price unless you offer free shipping.

Once you have submitted your auction allow up to 30 minutes for it to show up on the website.


Searching for an Item:

To search for an item, type a word into the search box and click the icon.

To browse items, leave the search box blank and just click the icon.


Bidding or Buying an Auction

Users of CryptoMarket can search for items to bid on, or buy now.

The prices for auctions, and the bidding are set in USD form to make it less confusing.

We determined over time that it was easier to know how much the price of an item was this way.

While we use USD to show the current price of any auction, we only allow site payments to be made in Bitcoin.

Additionally some sellers on the site accept Litecoin and Dogecoin as payment for their auctions.

In no way does USD ever get transferred anywhere on CryptoMarket.

Additionally, there are no credit cards transactions on CryptoMarket.

All payments on the site are made in Crypto Currency. We may add more altcoins in the future.


What happens at the end of the auction

Scenario 1: If no one buys the item it can be easily relisted from that auction’s page.

Scenario 2: When someone buys an item from a seller, the buyer will be presented with the final selling price in Bitcoin and a unique address to pay which comes from CryptoMarket’s escrow. If the seller accepts Litecoin or DogeCoin, it will also provide an address and payment amount for those coins from CryptoMarket’s escrow.

The seller will be notified by email that their auction has sold, and the buyer will also be notified by email that they’ve won the item and it’s time to pay.


Payment Status

The status of the payment is tracked directly on the auction’s page. Sellers should not ship the item until the payment status shows as paid. It will continue to say not paid until the buyer has actually paid our escrow for the item. The auction payment status will update immediately when the buyer pays for the item. Once payment shows paid, the seller needs to ship/deliver the item from the auction to the buyer and provide the shipping tracking information for the buyer. CryptoMarket requires shipping information to help protect sellers in a dispute.


Getting Paid

After a buyer leaves positive feedback for a seller, we will release the payment from escrow within 24 hours or less. Even if the buyer doesn’t leave positive feedback we can look at the transaction to release payment to the seller. In those cases it really helps to have tracking info because we will release the funds if the items been delivered and the buyer hasn’t responded for 3 days.



Sellers are charged a flat 5% fee for the auctions sold.  The 5% fee is charged at the time the payment is released from escrow to the seller. Additional fees on the site can include listing upgrades which are also charged at the time of a payout from escrow. This keeps from ever having a monthly bill. Unsold items have no fees with exception to listing upgrades fees. If for any reason you never sell anything on CryptoMarket, we will credit your entire account of any fees.



Buyers can open a dispute within 3 days of item delivery. Disputes will be handed on a case to case basis by a CryptoMarket Representative.